Maximize the features of your mobile phone

Keep the benefits of mobile phone you? Do you just use the telephone only to receive and sms? Maybe I would say 80% mobile phone owners can not maximize the use of features that already have facilities such as email, chat or browsing, not just listen to your music, radio or camera. There are even some that had me check the settings for GPRS, they would return to ask .., what is GPRS and how to sign up or registration?

Mobile phone at the time this is already a lifestyle for some people who always follow the development of technology, including me who try to maximize my favorite handphone Sony Ericson (SE) K800i, which at this time enough to help me communicate better through email and chat with yahoo messenger with a friend or relatives, which of course with a cheap GPRS rates, compared to your phone or sms.

Science & Technology Development of the world will never stop in the field of communication, where the mobile phones we are able to explore the internet wherever you are, you may have a hobby facebook, blogger, friendster or get the latest news and articles in the foreign nation or with just your phone , sesungguh imagine that it does not lose your mobile phone with a great computer that you have at home, especially the business you always use the facilities to deal with the email client or your colleagues. So .. you recognize and take advantage of mobile phone features to its.

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sari dewi said...

Seperti Handphone Sari.. type dan warnanya sama banget.. :) K800i is the best :)

Sari Dewi said...

Apa Kabar Dunia,..,.,.,., Koq Belum Update Lagi :)

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