Kate Middleton: A boost for British fashion?

The royal wedding has been one of the most hotly discussed topics since Prince William announced his engagement to Kate Middleton.

Photographs of the prince's bride-to-be - and fellow former University of St Andrews student - have adorned every British newspaper on a regular basis since the engagement was announced.

Everything from her hairstyle to her weight has come under scrutiny. But like Diana, Princess of Wales, the clothes she has been pictured in have become the main talking point. With just under three weeks to go until the big day, the designer of Ms Middleton's dress has yet to be unveiled.

Judging by the way copies of her £399 Issa engagement dress were snapped up, it looks like the future princess could already be on her way to becoming a huge fashion trend-setter.

"Whenever any important figure wears fashion it's going to influence people all over the world, and obviously this is her moment, so anything that she chooses is going to be of huge interest," says Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue.

"Obviously Kate Middleton is going to be put under a microscope in terms of the press coverage, and how important she'll be is really her call," she adds.

Ms Middleton's style has been described as "classic, stylish and conservative", and most high street stores are scrambling to sell copies of Ms Middleton's key outfits.

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attayaya-puasa said...

waaaah mba kate bisa jadi trtendsetter untuk fashion neh

Uth Video said...

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