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Became blogger of course you must know what blog description want you created, where this to be the one point to focus to your topic write the article. Are u still confused to choose the topic? First i will show you to find the best topic for your blog..., maybe you know about web directories, you can visit there where you can find the best topic for your blog and you can submitting websites to web directories will be one big point for you to get more visitor, did u know that?

And then..., how to work web directories can gave me visitor? very simple, after you submit your address of website or feed address your website into web directories, your article will be show at web directories and gave you link into your article. More you submited your website to web directories, your website will be get more visit by search engine.

No need to manual submited your article into web directories, and of course gave more easly for you. Try to submitting you website into web directories right know, and see how much visitor come into your website.

4 komentar: said...

I interesting to submit my blog to web directory.
Thanks for writing this useful information :)

Anonymous said...

wow thanx it's very useful information

toko spare part racing jakarta said...

It's a necessary thing to submit your blog to blog directory if you want a higher rank and some traffic

bisnis pulsa said...

thanks for your tips, I'll try it

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