Bob awards for michael jackson

Every one of course know about Michael Jackson, The king of pop born at Indiana August 29, 1958 where he born at the zone simple family, where he and the sister try to be the musician with her voice. Maybe you know about the popular song Earth song where be the one reference for every one to safe the earth.

Voice and style make michael jackson different with the other singer, maybe if you compare with elvis presley the style when he dance maybe not so far different, classic and energic, and i think not wrong if we gave Bob awards for michael jackson. Where he live many memories in the world of music.

And know Michael jackson only in our memories, where he died at June 25, 2009, at the UCLA Medical Center hospital at 3:32 PT. Many people feel lost with michael, most bloggers write to be the one condolence for michael, and gave Blog Awards for michael.

I know maybe this is no means with you, and i hope for the everyone can nominate me in the Best of the Best Awards for michael, good bye michael.

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