Template 3 column SEO friendly by isnaini

I would like to say thanks to isnaini for your template, and I will try to monetize this blog with your template, 3 column template with a classic style that is made by Isnaini, apparently has a high value after I check this template of the SEO analyzer there is in the point 75, I therefore decided to use this template.

Why i say this template is SEO friendly, as evidenced from the high-speed load and use the css and html script to create this template blog, so that can make your performance blog more faster, you can check how much speed your blog at SEO analyzer, and can make refference for you to easier indexed by search engines.

template SEO friendly
Some of structure in this template was i change, from the link isnaini on the sidebar and more script html at this blog, and i want to say sorry before. For you who want to use this template 3 column, you can download this template here.

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ipanks said...

cuantik nih templatenya om.kereenn

joe said...

Dulu aku nyari2 template yang 3 kolom sekarang aku juga sudah nemu...

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