Diamonds are my new best friends

I admit that, until now, I did not have a very good opinion on diamond jewelry - I don't know why but I just always related them with a lack of taste, useless starlets (a.k.a. footballers' wives) and a cruel way of showing ones wealth (something like endangered species furs).

This was my impression until I stepped upon Apples of Gold Jewelry, an online seller specializing in gold jewelry, wedding rings, diamond rings and gemstone jewelry. What is great about this company, whose name derives from the Book of Proverbs, is its commitment for ethics, integrity and honesty in business, which is a rare thing when speaking about the luxury market in general, and about diamonds, in particular.

They offer high quality merchandise, favoring unique styles, together with affordable pricing, often 50% below standard retail. I already set my eyes on a $265.00 diamond ring and, if an independent blogger affords diamonds, these are clearly reasonable prices.

They're newest line of colored diamonds brings a fresh vibe in the diamond jewelry business. This is a slick, fashionable range of minimalist and floral designs, which are both modern and classy and, moreover, less expensive than a traditional white diamond. Along with these contemporary designs, Apples of Gold Jewelry revives some of the most wonderful antique designs in Victorian and Art Deco style, mixing the modern multi-stone look with intricate and lace effect.

My favorite precious metal is the white gold, as you might have noticed, but the offer also includes a wide range of yellow and rose gold diamond rings as well as two and tri-color gold jewelry. These are true treasures that will last through generations.

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